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Story-Line: APPEARING, Stories of Women in Protest and the Performative Right to Appear
Recently, worldwide women-led protests have made the news - many of them drawing on symbolic or artistic forms. Story-Line is inviting you to an event that explores the connections between recent women-led protest movements, aesthetics and gender.
Filmmaker and graduate student Hannah Hübner will show her essay-documentary film „Appearing. Women in protest“, and will engage in a conversation with visual artist Weronika Kocewiak, who lives and works in Warsaw, and with Dana Linssen, renowned philosopher and film critic.

The central question revolves around ‘the performative right to appear’ - a phrase used by the American gender philosopher Judith Butler. What exactly does this mean and in what shapes could ‘the performative’ come into appearance? We invite the audience to listen to the storytellers on stage and to engage in a talk with them.

May 20, 2021 07:30 PM in Amsterdam

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