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Researching adult content creators on digital platforms
Content monetization is a growing incentive for social media users to become small entrepreneurs. Whether via YouTube or TikTok, content creators embrace new business models to earn revenue on social media, such as income crowdfunding, influencer marketing, or affiliate marketing. Their gig work is already volatile even on mainstream social media platforms. However, due to the nature of their work, creators of adult content are a special category of platform stakeholders who have received little to no attention in debates relating to platform governance, especially in terms of the harms arising out of uneven algorithmic power distribution.
This multidisciplinary online event will bring together researchers (from business, computer science and law) to explore and discuss the issues creators face in online platforms like OnlyFans or Instagram, how these platforms may be better governed and the role of research in the improvement of these platforms. In addition, the discussion will touch upon questions relating to how to do research using data collected from adult content platform like PornHub.
The event is hosted by Catalina Goanta, Assistant Professor in Private Law at the Maastricht Law & Tech Lab, and Leto Peel, Assistant Professor at the Institute of Data Science and the Department of Data Analytics and Digitalisation.
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